An excellent PowerPoint presentation sometimes needs to be spiced up. And what better way to do this than using a soundtrack. A well-chosen soundtrack can make your PowerPoint presentation more compelling. To add music to your PowerPoint presentation, you will need an MP3 file or a WAV file of the soundtrack you intend to use. Here are some instructions you can follow to do this:

Add music to PowerPoint slides

Open whichever slide you want the music to start playing at in your presentation. If you intend to have a number of songs play for the duration of your slide, you should go ahead and line them up from one slide to the next. All the same, it might be easier to create a single soundtrack for all the songs you want to play within your presentation and then adding the single soundtrack to the presentation. This approach is also less jarring. To add the soundtrack, just choose the “Insert” tab at Menu bar.

Add music to PowerPoint from iTunes

You will need to first convert the music files from iTunes to MP3 before you can add them to your presentation. Just right click on the song you want to add to your presentation and select “Create MP3 Version”. As a rule of thumb, avoid using WAV files. This is because they are often large and will make it unnecessarily difficult for you to share the presentation.