Sometimes you may have big ideas and a well formatted presentation, only for your audience to struggle understanding and embracing those big ideas. In those moments, finding the real reason can be tricky, but a good place to start is evaluating whether adding a voiceover to your Prezi could have saved the day.

People who have been successfully using Prezi for all their presentation needs will tell you that adding a voiceover is an excellent way of enhancing presentations. It is even more crucial to add a voiceover if you plan to upload and make the presentation available on your website. Below, we will discuss how you can add a voiceover to Prezi Classic as a background track.

How to add voiceover to Prezi as a background track

These are the audio formats that Prezi supports: MP3, FLAC, M4A, WAV, 3GP, AAC, OGG and WMA. When you add a background track to your Prezi, it will play continuously every time the presentation is viewed.

To add the track to the background of your Prezi, select “Insert” from the menu at the top of your screen while in Edit Mode and click “Add Background Music”. Browse your computer for the audio file you want to add and upload it to the presentation. The uploaded audio file will play continuously when you switch to Present Mode.