The article was updated in May 2022

For many people, those moments between presentations can be extremely awkward. Finding a way to make them less awkward or less boring to a client can be a life saver. This is why many people choose to convert Powerpoint to PDF or combine PowerPoint presentations. This way, a client doesn’t have to be bored to death waiting for your colleague to load his presentation. Microsoft PowerPoint makes combining two presentations possible by either:

  • Using PowerPoint’s Reuse Slides feature
  • Using PowerPoint’s Merge feature

Both of these features will allow you to maintain the different formatting in the different presentations.

How to combine PowerPoint presentations using the Reuse Slides feature

Open your presentation on PowerPoint and scroll to the area where you want to add the slides from the other presentation. Click the area, then click the “Home” tab. Choose “New Slide” and click on the “Reuse Slides” selection. Click the “Open a PowerPoint File” section in the Reuse Slides pane that opens. This will open a dialog box where you can browse the PowerPoint presentation you intend to add. Click “Open” and check “Keep Source Formatting” box. Then, right-click any slides in the pane and choose “Inert All Slides”.

How to combine PowerPoint presentations using the Merge feature

Open your presentation, click the “Review” tab and click “Compare”. A dialog box will open where you can choose the other presentation you want to combine with the opened one. With the second presentation selected, click “Merge”. Your two presentations will merge and a revisions pane will open where you can accept or reject the changes between the two presentations.