No presentation should ever come to an end unceremoniously. You should do everything you can to ensure every presentation you make allows you to close with a bang. For example, Apple almost always finishes its presentations by bringing on stage some renown singers, leaving an undeletable memory in the minds of all those in attendance.

However, you may hear this and wonder what your options are if you do not have the kind of financial muscle to pull off such a close. The good news is that you need not spend a cent to end a presentation in style. Here are a number of tips you can consider for your next presentation:

End a presentation using repetition

The world’s most renown presenters appreciate and value the place of repetition in any effective presentation. This technique can be even more effective when used to close a presentation. Instead of focusing on cramming as much content as possible, put your energy into making the presentation unforgettable. Focus on what you wish your audience remembers long after the presentation is over and insert that content severally in your presentation. Repeat certain phrases over and again to achieve greater emotional impact.

End a presentation by leaving your audience hopeful

Regardless of the nature of your presentation, leaving your audience hopeful can be the difference between an effective presentation and one that was a total flop. While it might be easier to end on a hopeful note when you are giving good news, you should make an effort to still close your presentation on a hopeful note even when the nature of the news you are delivering is difficult and emotionally overwhelming.