Harvard University conducted a study which compared Zoomable User Interfaces, like Prezi, and PowerPoint presentation platforms. Based on the research results Prezi is more engaging, persuasive, effective and better organized than PowerPoint.

PowerPoint is Harming Your Brand

Millions of PowerPoint presentations are created on a daily basis. The main goal of any presentation is to educate bringing the message across and connect with your audience promoting their interest in your message. However as it turns out PowerPoint underdelivers in two major aspects  when compared to Prezi. PowerPoint does not promote better information understanding by your audience and does not improve the perception of your brand.

Ironically, presenting with the aid of PowerPoint presentation is no better than presenting without a presentation at all. In other words, PowerPoint presentation was rated the same as any verbal presentation. This means that companies simply waste money and time when investing into PowerPoint presentations.

Moreover presenters using ZUI platforms are perceived as more knowledgeable and professional. Therefore if your audience has experienced Prezi presentations previously, it can hurt your reputation.

PowerPoint Outdated?

Although by all means ZUI platforms are a better medium when your goal is to impress audience and deliver your message, PowerPoint remains a top choice for a lot businesses out there. A lot of people find platforms like Prezi too confusing and not flexible enough on a basic subscription (lack of various elements and fonts). However some professional Prezi presentation designers agree that limitations is one of the reasons why this platform is so good.

PowerPoint does not help your audience understand and perceive more, which is probably the goal of your presentation in the first place. This was probably the main reason why Microsoft introduced Zoom. Mastering ZUI platforms and giving up creativity freedom that PowerPoint offers can be worth it for your business.

Harvard Presentation Research

Harvard University used double-blind approach for their research. In phase one experienced participants were asked to come up with oral, PowerPoint or Prezi presentation. In phase two video recordings of these presentations were rated by larger online audience.

Incidentally a large proportion of research participants was biased towards PowerPoint. However by the end of the experiment their preferences have shifted to other presentation platforms.

So What’s Next?

In modern-day fast-paced world grabbing and keeping attention of your audience is not an easy task. Harvard two-phase research has made it clear that PowerPoint presentations are not only wasting your money but are also potentially damaging to your corporate image. If you want to try out Prezi presentation and do not have resources for it, there are plenty of professional corporate Prezi services available for you to test water before switching from PowerPoint.